The Heart of the Matter

Hope is Rising

The Heart of the Matter…

When women abort, we may think the “crisis” has ended.

But in the days to come what we find out is, the true pain in our heart, in our soul, in our mind, was never dealt with.

Now we also have the pain of abortion.  We are never the same after abortion. Now we stuff deeper, with another pain, a deep wound – self inflicted.

Women who abort once, are more likely to abort again (some research shows over 40% more likely).

When we take the time to look back at our life, we can sometimes see a pattern, a cycle, from life issues (hidden layers of pain).   We are still longing for love, intimacy, acceptance – choosing – using sexual intimacy to try to get love, acceptance, to anesthetize.

Then we move to destructive choices, that turn now into crisis.  Thinking how do I escape, run away, not be helpless/hopeless, powerless, out of control?

Can I do this? Can I walk through this? Will anybody help me?  Can I make it through…deal with the consequences…overcome…walk through?

Or do I abort what I think is causing the crisis – my baby?   It is not my baby that is the crisis…can it be the issues of my heart that, my baby, is bringing to life…

Do I choose life – hope.  Do I choose destruction – abort this baby, once, or once again?  Do I abort this chance for life, this chance to change…to be healed from the inside out? Life or death…Hope or hopelessness…

It’s time to break the cycle of destruction…don’t be another statistic…no more destruction…choose healing, hope, life…

It is time to stop. To get to the HEART of the matter…to heal your heart…awaken your heart to healing, to real love.

Jesus, Who knows our hearts, will not reject us when we come to Him.  He does not want us to “stuff the pain”.  Jesus wants to heal us.

He came to free us, forgive us, and release us from our sin, our hurts, our pain, our mistakes…if only we will ask Him.

Sitting back, being still and taking time to let the pain be released from our heart. Come to Jesus, receiving His forgiveness for He knows what really is in our heart…deep within.

His Promise is freedom, a new beginning, forgiven…deeply forgiven…a healing journey…one step at a time.

Jesus will take you through…In the “Deep of His Grace”…

Words of Hope –

“Now, therefore, there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1

If I would have dealt with the real pain in my heart, I would not have aborted, and aborted again…now, I can look back and see the cycle of destructive choices in my life…I thank God those chains have been broken…I am free…free from abortion…Jesus has forgiven me…healing my wounds…one by one…with His Love…deep in His Grace… “

There is hope.  It’s not too late.  

National HelpLine for Abortion Recovery

1-866-482-LIFE (5433)


Abortion Recovery Intl Care Directory

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