After Abortion

We are never the same after abortion.

Hope is Rising

“…I was told the abortion would be over quickly……instead the pain has been stuffed deep in my heart  for years…after abortion, I was never the same…”

 We can look back, “connect the dots”, and see how our “life changed after abortion”…emotionally, spiritually…even with possible physical complications.

When women abort, we may think the crisis or problem has ended.  We’ve been told or thought “we can go on with our life.”

In the days, weeks, and years to come, what we find is the pain in our heart, our soul,  our mind, may still be buried deep.  Another layer of pain has been added…instead of true freedom.

Sometimes the pain is inflicted by coercion or being forced by another person.

When we take the time to look back at our life, we can see a pattern of destructive behavior, unresolved emotional pain, a cycle of trauma, addictions, possibly feeling we deserve abusive relationships, hopelessness…a life seeking hope, help, and a new beginning.

Many times we stuff and bury our pain deeper and try to go on.   But abortion is a deep loss often with layers of trauma that need to be healed.

Even though removal of the scarred layers may seem painful, at first, full healing and true freedom will come.

It’s not too late.  It’s time for healing.  

Hope is Rising

There is hope”  

Healing Words

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Hope is Rising

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