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How Do I Begin to Heal?

 Grief is a process and the healing journey after an abortion is unique to each of us because we are all different in ways we cope with trauma.

Breaking the denial of your pain…

 Sometimes people tell us “just get over it…just get on with your life”.  But…we see that our lives changed after abortion…and we can not go back to change our choice.

Sometimes we learn to “stuff the pain”…hide the secret…learning to cope, to live in pain through addictive behaviors, triggered by memories which produce anger, fear…broken by the wound caused by abortion…the loss of our child.    There may also be physical trauma from abortion.

Sometimes we try to repeat the “crisis”,  repeat the pregnancy…wanting to replace the baby…only to abort again.   More trauma…a cycle of destructive behavior…it’s time to stop..

Now, is the Time for Recovery…a Place of Healing…

 Below are some healing steps from the International HelpLine for Abortion Recovery (www.nationalhelpline.org)

·    Acknowledge the uniqueness of your child and the meaning of that pregnancy.

·     Give yourself permission to grieve the loss of your child.

·     Tell your story…to a trusted friend, your Pastor, a counselor…find confidential help at a local Pregnancy Help Center or Pregnancy Care Center…there is help…

·     Give yourself permission to explore your anger, depression and need for forgiveness…talk to a trusted friend, counselor, your Pastor…journal…

  •  Speak to God about the pain that is in your heart…listen…the healing will come…the pain of abortion can be like layers that need to be lifted by God…

 You are Not Alone…

Words of Hope:

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 

Scripture – I John 1:9 – (New American Standard)

 Personal Story….”Finally Free”

When I read these words from God…I knew I could talk to Him when others would not understand or listen.  I could tell Him of the pain, the regret, the deep sadness, that was in my heart.  

Abortion was like a heavy weight, an unhealed scar that had been on my heart for years.  When I prayed…cried, talked to Jesus…told Him everything that was on my heart, He didn’t reject me.  I could feel the weight lift.  I’ve come to understand His love was all I needed to heal all the scars…the pain of my life…that led me to abortion.  

His love and forgiveness has been my journey to healing…I’m now helping others…finally free…   

There is hope.  It’s not too late.

Help After Abortion 

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